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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Millie Forte - Titleless

When certain people send me music I get excited because I know they are always going to hand me something extraordinary.

For instance, I knew when I heard from Al King, whatever this track was was going to be good. Damn good.

And it was.

He introduced me to a young artist named Millie Forte out of Atlanta. Forte is part of a collective of creative minded musicians, rappers, and producers named Universal Kingdom.

Millie Forte is the singer of the collective. He's appeared on some of Al King's past works. He works in a very mellow and laid back style that he refers to as "Chillwave"; a soulful, downtempo, electronic style that overachieves on "Titleless". This is the type of electronic music that would make even the most staunch electro hater listen close.

However it's not really fair to just group "Titleless" in with electronic and leave it be when there are so many elements at work. The best thing to do is just listen and let you decide for yourself.

It seems to touch on styles similar to artists such as Submotion Orchestra, 4Hero, Anthony Valadez, and others while still being unique. This one will definitely end up in an up coming downtempo mix from me.

I'll be checking for more from Millie Forte and the rest of the Universal Kingdom crew.

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