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Saturday, October 13, 2012

DJ Nature - Savage Reprise

There are many unsung heroes in the world of music. People who made a consistent impact over many years and they go largely unknown. However, if you meet the right people you will learn that these overlooked masters are held with the highest esteem by some.

Allow me to introduce you to DJ Nature (not to be confused with DJ Nature of "Live And Direct" with Slim Kid Tre and Rev. Shines in Portland) aka Milo Johnson. Back in the late 70s/ early 80s he went by DJ Milo and was throwing some of the most eclectic parties in Bristol, England with Nellee Hooper and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall. They became known as The Wild Bunch because they were playing funk, new wave, disco, jazz, reggae, soul, punk and hip hop.

This was indeed some heavy company. Marshall went on to form Massive Attack. Hooper went on to work with Soul II Soul.

Milo went on to tour Japan with The Jungle Brothers, DJ Red Alert, DJ Cash Money, and Public Enemy. He worked under the monikers DJ Milo, DJ Nature Boy and now DJ Nature. It's said, his style of DJing Disco records has had a direct influence on how the UK House DJs played in the early 90s.

Now, DJ Nature has been living in New York and enjoys a successful career as a House DJ, playing some pretty high profile parties. He has also released a few tracks via the Golf Channel Recordings record label.
"Savage Reprise" is a moving, soulful, House track that leans somewhat to the Detroit style of House. The video seems to be an introspective and artistic look into a day in the life of DJ Nature.

I enjoy playing House and a song like this one plays an important role in setting the vibe of the set in the early part of the mix. If you hear that one, you know it's going to be a deep and sexy night.

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