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Monday, October 1, 2012

Fatima and Funkineven - Phoneline

I first heard Fatima in 2010 on "Warm Eyes" which featured Dam Funk on production on her debut release, Mind Travellin EP. Her voice combined with the smooth beat from Dam Funk had me hooked. However the stunner for me from that album was the soulfully electronic "On The Go" which was produced by Funkineven.

The cosmic sound of "On The Go" was so fresh and new, the song sat on repeat for weeks. I was unsure which I was more enamored with, Fatima's voice or Funkineven's production. I mean Fatima breaks down the song at the end with an interpolation of Tears For Fears "Head Over Heels", while even through the electronic cosmic storm of this beat you can hear an influence from Donald Byrd on Funkineven.

I felt like I had met the musical equivalent of my best friends.

Lucky for me (and everyone else) this duo realizes how well they work together because they continue to release music on Floating Point's label, Eglo.

They have just released a video for the title track from their upcoming EP Phoneline. This funky number that gives a nod to 90s House doesn't disappoint.

While the EP is available in the UK, it becomes available in the US on October 15th.

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