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Monday, October 1, 2012

Floco Torres - Mega Ton Bombshell

I love Macon music. I think listening to the music from the town you live in grounds you and plugs you in to what happening.

Floco Torres is a New Jersey expatriate now living in Macon, Georgia. He fits in with a generation of hard working, successful musicians in Macon which include, Jubee And The Morning After, Back City Woods, Mag Tard, and DJ Shawty Slim.

Floco Torres considers the month of October his own. His birthday falls in the middle of the month and he usually celebrates all month long by releasing new music and performing live shows, dubbing the month "Floctober".

Torres starts this Floctober off with a bang (heh heh...sorry about that) with the release of "Mega Ton Bombshell". We find the playful lyricst joined production-wise by the equally talented G!manfantastic. Together they create a hard hitting downtempo track that pokes fun at what the mainstream considers cool today.

This track will be featured on the upcoming EP The ProjecT, to be released on October 15th, Torres birthday.  The ProjecT EP is a precursor to his new album Psychdelphia Two.

When you download "Mega Ton Bombshell" for 99 cents, all proceeds go to the production costs of the new album.

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