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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Submotion Orchestra - Blind Spot

The album I've played most over that last year was Submotion Ochestra's Finest Hour. And that's really saying something for me because the Quantic and Alice Russell album was high on my list.

However, the UK band from Leeds delivered with Finest Hour. It was absolutely beautiful. It was this amazing mix of Electronic, Jazz, Soul, and who knows what else. That had done it right. The arrangements of the songs were near mind blowing. They would make great arrangers like Bob James proud, and in another dimension they would have been worthy of Creed Taylor's signature.

Ruby Wood's vocals are to die for and can tug at your heart strings as she does perfectly on Finest Hour's "All Your's", which is available for free download on their website.

Now, I can't even say after a long wait because I am still playing the first album like it just came out, the second album, Fragments, from Submotion Orchestra is here! Well, almost. It will be released on October 8th. But, I have heard a preview of the album and it is all I wanted from a second album.

Tell me your thoughts on this track, "Blindspot".

Then buy the album on October 8th and tell me what you think of Fragments.

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