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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Life So Different From My Own

1.Space In Time by Gerardo Frisina
2.Marylin by Floating Points 
3.Jazzy Joint feat Jose James by J.A.M.
4.Spanish Key by Miles Davis
5.Sun (Eckoclick Remix) by Bambooman
6.A.I.E. by Soil & "Pimp" Sessions
7.Something In The Way by 4 Hero feat Bembe Segue and Kaidi Tatham
8.Depois do Carnaval by Azymuth
9.O Tempo Samba by Grupo Batuque
10.Live In The Light by Fertile Ground
11.Bubbles by Diggs Duke
12.Doriva by The Impanemas
13.Just A Thing by Karizma
14.Conscious (Soulclap Remix) by Womack & Womack
15.Technology Stole My Vinyl by Kenny Dixon Jr
16.Could Heaven Ever Be Like This by Idris Muhammad
17.Love Never Felt So Good (David Morales & Eric Kupper Classic Tribute Mix) by Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake
18.Straight No Turns by Wild Cub
19.Renovation by Jazz Collective

Sometimes when listening to music I find a common thread through some of the most unexpected songs. I was surprised by how the Jazz, House, and Brazilian worked so well together as I was building this mix. 

Songs that I never thought I would be able to work into a mix and make it sound good, like Soil & "Pimp" Sessions' "A.I.E." and Miles Davis's "Spanish Key" suddenly sounded good when surrounded by dance tunes.

This is such an eclectic selection of songs that I was thinking, what kind of person would hear this and think this was supposed to go together? What kind of life do they lead where they hear music like played regularly. It music be incredible. Then I realized I was talking about myself. This is what's on my iPod as I walk to work every day.

So, the title of the mix is a bit of a misnomer. It would be nice to hear songs played together like this on local radio or at an event here in Macon. However, I am sure people everywhere dream of hearing better music wherever they are.

I hope you enjoy.

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