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Monday, September 24, 2012

Evitan - 3 Kings (Featuring Sadat X)

In the 80s and into mid-90s there was a collective of Hip-Hoppers called the Native Tongues. It was made up of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, The Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifa, Monie Love, and Black Sheep. They were considered to be the conscious rap of the 90s. 

They never recorded an album together as a collective but they did feature guest appearances on each other's albums.

Later on you could say the group expanded to include Mos Def and even Common. The membership of this group was really loose.

As we come into this current era of Hip-Hop. One of the moments that hurt me most was the break-up of A Tribe Called Quest. No Hip-Hop group seemed to embody my thoughts on music more than The Tribe. They were full of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, thoughtfulness, insight, and a host of other things that tend to lose focus on the actual music.

Well, my good buddy Stuckey hit me up one day and told me that Jarobi (the most enigmatic member of A Tribe Called Quest) and Dres (of Black Sheep) had formed a group called Evitan and it was good. And from the way he was going on it was more than good.

I listened to a track and I had to agree. The coming together of these two MCs was something special if you were a fan of the Native Tongues sound.

Well now the album, Speed Of Life, is out and it's a winner. It features guest appearances by, Homeboy Sandman, Bootsy Collins, Res, Craig G, Sadat X and others. It's as close as you can get to reliving those mid 90s days without having to wear the patterned collared shirts and air brushed jeans.

Here's "3 Kings" featuring Sadat X for the album.

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