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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cut Chemist - Adidas To Addis

Cut Chemist is the record collector's collector. By that I mean if you are a record collector, there are a few big named collectors out there that you know have the collection of your dreams. Cut Chemist is going to wind up in that conversation sooner or later.

He was one of the DJ's for the California based Hip-Hop group Jurassic 5. He is a world class turntablist. He is a not notch producer and remixer. Due to his extensive record collection, he is a bit of a music historian.

 If you found out that Cut Chemist record collection was 35,000 pieces deep, how would you react? (Yes that is correct and not a typo.) I mean, my own collection is only roughly around 3,000 pieces. HE HAS OVER 10 TIMES MORE THAN ME. His collection is so big that he owns an old horse stable that he has converted into record storage. He once took a trip to Brazil to go record shopping with so many other heavyweight collectors that the trip may have been the single biggest factor in the sharp rise of the price of records in Brazil. So knowing all that, wouldn't you want to take a peek at his collection?

Well, Fuse knows that we want to see a collection that impressive. So they sat down for an interview in the midst of all (well, most) of his records.

What does someone do with a record collection like that? Well, he takes tiny bits of different songs and creates music like this:

You can download "Adidas To Addis" for free.

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