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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cinematic Orchestra - "Work It" & "All That You Give"

Cinematic Orchestra is another group who is able to mix Jazz and Electronic music together in a way that even the most hating on Electro person you know will say, "That's good". The group plays live instrumentation with the accompaniment of a turntablist.

They released their first album Motion in 1999 and because of their name and their sound, they have been closely tied to movies ever since.

They were asked to perform at a Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony for Stanley Kubrick by the Director's Guild Awards.

Then, in 2001 they were asked to compose a new score for the 1929 Dziga Vertov silent film Man With A Movie Camera to be played live with a screening of the film at the Porto European City of Culture festival.

They later went into the studio and recorded the score and released it. They followed up that release with their second album, Every Day. It featured some songs from Man With A Movie Camera  reworked with lyrics, but it opened with the wonderfully arranged "All That You Give", featuring vocals by legendary soul singer Fontella Bass.

Since then they have released two more studio albums, including 2012's In Motion #1, a live album, a movie score for Disney, and a DJ mixed collection of favorite songs.

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