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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Rolling Stones w/ Tom Waits - Little Red Rooster

I've never seen The Rolling Stones perform live. I wish I could say that I have but to be completely honest I just really learned to appreciate The Stones in about the last 7 years.

Now that's not to say that I hated them. There were the few songs here and there that I thought were cool, but I never really dug into their catalog. As the years went by and my tastes expanded and changed, all the while I kept running across songs that I was like, "Wow! This is The Stones, huh?" Because it's impossible to love music and avoid them. They are everywhere. That's why, and because, they are one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands of all times.

So now if the opportunity for me to see them live arises, I will jump on that chance with the enthusiasm of a drunk girl jumping on a frat boy in salmon colored shorts (And while I'm talking about guys in salmon colored shorts, I just found out that if you see 5 or more guys together in salmon colored pants or shorts, the group is called an "unpleasantry". For example, "I went into a bar earlier today and couldn't get to the bartender because there was an unpleasantry of fellows drinking Miller Lite in the way.")

But back to The Stones...

I would already be as excited as could be just by seeing The Stones live. And while I know hearing the hits is fun, I would be thrilled if they reached back and grabbed a few rarities. So if they went into Little Red Rooster, I would be beside myself. I'd be useless. BUT if TOM WAITS came out on stage and sang along with them I would probably just end up falling out on the floor.

I've never see Tom Waits live either and I am a huge fan of his. About ten years ago I was turned on to him with Nighthawks At The Diner being my first album from him. It's still my favorite. The story telling along with that voice. That's a man's man's voice. If I had to choose a voice other than my own (and believe me I am quite fond of my voice. I sound like a sexy 70's soul song's rap about how we should stay together.) I would happily pick Tom Waits' voice.

So when this video hit the web with the great Tom Waits joining the mighty Rolling Stones on stage to sing a song, I was hooked!

The Stones seemed to be in a comfortable place playing this Howlin' Wolf cover. And while I question if Waits remembers the song very well, he didn't disappoint. He was as strange in his movements as he was powerful with his voice.

Ahhhh...live music. You never know what you're going to get.


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