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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Record Collecting: Gil Scott-Heron - Real Eyes

Gil Scott-Heron - Real Eyes
Arista, 1980
Produced by Gil Scott-Heron and Malcom Cecil

Went crate digging recently and this was the first record I ran across. I have never seen a copy of this one before, so while I wasn't happy that the first record I wanted had a $20 price tag, I didn't let that stop me.

I have been looking for this album for years now because of two songs. "The Klan", which was sampled by Little Brother for their track, "Make Me Hot", which was given a great re-edit by Yam-Who?, and "Your Daddy Loves You (For Gia Louise)". He re-recorded "Your Daddy Loves You..." as a live track, and then that live track was re-mixed by DJ Asparagus and Wipe The Needle. I've been playing that re-edit and the remix in mixes for years, but I had never heard the originals until I got this album home.

It was so worth the wait. I am blown away by how subtle, yet beautiful, the playing is on "Your Daddy Loves You...". "The Klan" was everything I expected it to be. The rest of the album is sold Gil Scott-Heron.

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