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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Record Collecting: Maria Muldaur

Maria Muldaur - Southern Winds
Warner Brothers, 1978
Produced and arranged by Christopher Bond
Features Les Dudek on slide guitar

I was first introduced to Maria Muldaur's music through my Instagram buddy @minglewoodblues. She posted a picture of Geoff and Maria Muldaur's album Sweet Potatoes. Since my favorite dessert happens to be sweet potato pie, and I was getting ready to bake my first sweet potato pie of the season, I decided to listen to it. After telling @minglewoodblues that I really enjoyed it, she suggested I take a listen to this Maria Muldaur solo album.

She mentioned a track titled "I'll Keep My Light In My Window". I recognized the song from Quantic and Alice Russell's album, Look Around The Corner.I thought that Muldaur's version might be the original version of the song, however when I got my hands on this copy of the album I noticed the song writing credits went to Leonard Caston and Terri McFadden, names I recognized from Motown.Turns out the original was done by the little known Motown duo, Caston & Majors. Now my hunt continues to find that version.

But back to Maria Muldaur. Along with the Caston & Majors song, she covers a few songs by Leon Russell, and JJ Cale's "Cajun Moon". Her singing is strong, yet sultry, and still leaves room for a touch of playfulness. Her backing band is solid. This one is a treat that you can pick up at a cheap price.

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